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Orestone Quay

The layout was built by the late John Lewis, who was at one time a prominent member of the BHMRC. After his death, in memory of him, the Club purchased Orestone Quay plus all the rolling stock. This layout is imaginary, and is located “somewhere” on the south coast during the period 1935 to 1947. There is a passing resemblance to Weymouth Quay.

There is an off scene storage area containing storage sidings from where trains appear to make their way through the narrow streets, beside scratch built shops, to the main quayside, where several ships can be seen. There are three lines beside the quays where un/loading can take place. The fine detail of the layout shows accurately the period modelled.

The layout can only accommodate short trains, made up of fish, banana, meat or fruit vans, some privately owned, but there could be a surprise arrival of a parcels train or even a Gunpowder van in one of the trains!

Stock is mainly Southern, painted in period livery, although infiltrators from other areas are not uncommon, including a train from the north east. There is also a ‘Terrier’ and a sentinel shunter owned by the Quay railway solely for use at the dockside. Stock in use is mainly ready-to-run suitably modified, plus some scratch and kit built models.

This layout is currently available to be exhibited at external venues
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